How to Organize Your Move

For most people, moving is a huge pain and a stressful time in their lives. But being organized and having a plan will help tremendously. Here are a few ideas on how to organize your move:

moving_keyCreate a Moving Binder
A binder specifically designated for the move will save you time, energy, and possibly money (if you lose receipts, etc). Organized the binder into categories.

  1. Checklists – Find an online printable that you can use as a guide to what needs to be done before, during, and after the move.
  2. Utilities – To keep track of appointments: who, where, what, and when.
  3. Loan Documents – For easy access & reference, keep these here until after the move.
  4. Receipts – This section is for any purchases that will be made in reference to the move or the house. If something doesn’t fit, or you need to return or exchange for any reason, there is no searching for the receipt.
  5. Movers – This section is for your moving company or truck rental contract & contact numbers.
  6. Builder – Any contact numbers for your builder, any warranties, paperwork, etc. will go here.
  7. Inventory List – You can find these online for free. Just print one out and fill it out.
  8. Schedules- Use a word document calendar, fill it in, print it out and place it in the binder. You can have things like the house closing appointment, walk through, movers times, utility hook up times, etc.

Create a Color Coded Moving Legendmoving_key_02
Create a moving legend, using circle labels to color code each designated area in the house where each moving box will go. Then use color coded cardstock to place on each door, as a map to show the movers where they need to put the boxes.  This helps alleviate any confusion as to where the boxes go.

Photo copy your moving legend so it can be placed throughout the house and on the front, back, and garage doors.  You do not need to make more than one legend. The color coded cardstock will be hung on the doors of each room. The color coded stickers are placed on the label of eamoving_key_01ch box, as well as one at the top of each box.

Create a Moving Basket
Another good idea is to create a moving basket for all of the necessary labels, tape, sharpies, scissors, etc.  When you move from room to room, just grab the basket. No more searching for lost items.


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