Smart Things to do Before You Move

You’ve just signed the paperwork on a new home (congrats!). But soon the excitement of getting settled at your new place will wear off, and the panic of packing up boxes will set it. We’ve rounded up expert-approved tips to keep you sane and totally prepared during the move.

Manage Packing Smartly
Give yourself a daily box quota to prevent a draining weekend of non-stop packing. Avoid boxing up your old place in one fell swoop, if you have the time. Remember, you’ll need some energy left to unpack, too.

Don’t Pack Your Closet NEW Smart Things pic1
If you use professional movers, ask them to bring several wardrobe boxes on the day of the move. The movers take clothing right on the hangers and your clothes will be in and out. An extra bonus to this step is you can skip a full day of ironing once you’re settled.

Switch Your Utilities
This may seem like a no-brainer, but the timing is key. As soon as you have a closing date, call the utility companies and set up a service switch. This is especially important if you’re moving into a home that is newly built or previously vacant. Arranging a maintenance call to reestablish service might be necessary.

NEW Smart Things pic2Make Saying Goodbye Easier
Moving from a home with sentimental value (your kids’ growth-mark notches in the doorframe!) can be gut wrenching. To ease the pain, you can create a Pinterest board with things you’re excited to do in the new home, like dream decorating or new things to do in that part of town. If you have young children, take a video of each child talking about their favorite part of the house to preserve the memories.

Haul the Basics Before the Moving Truck Comes
If your new place is within driving distance of your current home, plan to take basic supplies over the day before. Unpacking the bathrooms in advance and having pajamas and clothes for the next two days set aside will bring some normalcy to the chaos of the boxes.

Visualize Life in Your New Home
The sooner you get unpacked and organized, the sooner it feels like home. Some people will hang pictures on the walls while the movers are still unloading the truck. If you move at a slower pace, plan out spots for your favorite pieces of art and décor in advance. You’ll feel more accomplished and settled if you do.

Meet Your Neighbors the Fun Way NEW Smart Things pic3
Sure, baked goods and a friendly hello will do the trick, but if you’re going to be painting the interior walls, try a fun party idea. A graffiti party is when guests are given paint samples or markers to scribble games and notes on the wall. Don’t be shy about hosting a gig sans furniture. This relaxed party theme is built around pizza and folding chairs.

Discover the Local Resources
Take a walk around your new neighborhood and be sure to introduce yourself to people you pass by. This can be a great way to get a recommendation for a handy man, neighborhood favorite babysitter and get to know the lay of the land.


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