Ways to get Kids Excited for the Move

family-movingChildren feel powerless when you tell them you’re moving. They usually don’t have any input in the decision. So involve them in as many other decisions as you can.

Make a Family Wish List
This will help you reach a consensus on some of the things you all want from your new home: a bigger backyard, a basement playroom, separate rooms for the kids.

House-Hunt Together
If it’s practical, take your children to see prospective houses with you. If you’re searching online, bookmark your favorites so your kids can take a look.

Let Your Child Design Their New Room
Bring home paint swatches so that your child can choose a color. Then make it an art project: Have her paste snapshots of her bed and furniture onto a sheet of construction paper.

Pack a Treasure Box
Give your child his own packing box that he can decorate with stickers and use for his favorite things. Take it in the car with you so he can keep it close.

Throw a Goodbye Party
It will bring closure to the friendships you’re leaving behind. Keep it simple: a basic chips-and-dips affair or a potluck.

Tour Your Old Haunts
Visit special neighborhood spots one last time before you move. If your children have become close with their babysitter, before you move arrange for the sitters to spend time with your children and take them to say goodbye to their favorite places.

Make a Memory Book
Your child can fill it with photos of your home and her friends, along with their e-mail addresses.

Say Goodbye to Your Home
During a family meal ask each kid to recall a favorite memory in the old house.


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