Make Your New House Feel Like Home

No matter how excited you are to move into your new place, your first few weeks will probably feel foreign and, well, a little weird. Here’s how you can feel settled and happy — even while you’re living among boxes.Family_with_new_home

Start with the closet
You should be able to live well from the moment you move in. While you may be tempted to start unpacking the common spaces first, focus your efforts on the closet. Monday’s are hard enough without having to search for your favorite outfit.

kids room 1Prioritize the kids’ rooms
Moving can be tough on adults, but can sometimes be even more difficult on your children. Being sure to put together their special place in the new house with their familiar toys, books, and stuffed animals will help give them a little comfort. Even though the rest of house may be in shambles, you child be happy and that’s all that matters.

Mimic your regular routine
As soon as you move in, created a space where everyone can drop their keys, bags, and coats. Use the same hooks and bins that you used in you’re old house because you know they work for you. Your routine shouldn’t have to change just because your location does.

Bring out all your favoritescandles
For instant coziness, light candles and play music that you love. Pack iPod speakers, candles, and a lighter in an easy-to-find ‘favorites’ box.

Get comfy
Everyday comforts may help you feel settled. Make one of the first things you do pulling out all of your clean bedding. Pillows, duvets, sheets, and throws — the works. There is nothing more comforting than sleeping in your old, cozy bed.

Don’t order pizza
Home is a homemade meal. Unpack the kitchen so you can cook a meal for you and your family. Even if you’re living among boxes, eating a simple recipe on the floor; it’s worth it.


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