5 Reasons To Stay in Santa Monica


Think of a happy place.

For many, it is connected with the beach. Whether it’s laying on the sand or swimming in the waves, it reminds you of a simple day where you relaxed and enjoyed life.

What if you could have that experience everyday? We’re not just talking about the sand and the surf, but the amazing feeling of loving life.

In Santa Monica, CA, you can.

As local Santa Monica movers, we have seen so many people move to this lovely area for a lot reasons, but they all end up loving it for a handful.  What are these reasons? You might be wanting a change, but before you pack up and leave, remember these reasons to stay:

  • City and Serenity- This place has both right at the tip of your fingers.  You are surrounded by one the of largest, most exciting cities in the country. However, just on the other side is the Pacific Ocean.
  • World Wide Access- There is nothing like having one of the largest international airports right by where you live.  It allows for easy access to anywhere in the world.
  • Business- This place is teeming with business opportunity, especially if you are involved in the entertainment industry. This place is still home and frequently visited by many titans of industry. It’s a great place to network and climb the corporate ladder.
  • Weather- If you want perfect weather, southern California is for you! It’s mostly sunny with temperatures ranging from mid-50s to low-70s.
  • Yourself- When you are on vacation, do you like the relaxed version of you that takes over? Many people find that this version tends to come out from hiding when they live in Santa Monica. People enjoy living in this paradise…what’s not to love? It’s paradise.

Those five reasons were probably enough to have you second guessing to move away. Finding another home in the area can give you the change of scenery you want while allowing you to still call this paradise home.

Contact Santa Monica local movers, Blue Chip Moving.  Our professional movers will get you to your new home with ease and less stress.  Call or visit our website to get your FREE quote today!


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